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Afternoon Tea Etiquette at Park Hyatt Melbourne

Afternoon Tea Etiquette at Park Hyatt Melbourne

Here is some inspiration for your next Afternoon High Tea experience.

Pinkies Up

Traditionally, small porcelain cups made in China would require one to hold their pinkie finger in the air, as a way to balance the cup and avoid spillage. Since then tea cups have evolved and here at Park Hyatt Melbourne, we like to believe that having your pinkie finger in the air is now a sign of respect for a lost art that belongs to High Tea. Whilst it is not necessary to do so with our beautiful tea cups, you are most welcome to enjoy all aspects of High Tea. So please, pinkies up!

Using Teaspoons

How do you like your tea? Certainly stirred and not shaken!

To enjoy the full fragrance of your specially crafted tea, allow it to brew for its desired time (approx. 3 minutes). In a slow motion, start your spoon at the 6 o’clock position and softly fold up to the top in half a circle. Repeat two or three times and then leave your teaspoon the side of the saucer, behind the tea.

Enjoy your scone the Park Hyatt way

A delicate morsel with a gentle fresh aroma, the simplicity of our scones will overwhelm and warm your heart.  

In one horizontal slice expose the belly of the scone and allow some of its warmth to escape. Choose from a variety of condiments to dress your scone including honey, jam and cream - our recommendation is to start with the jam and then add a small spoon of our freshly whipped cream.

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Afternoon Tea Etiquette at Park Hyatt Melbourne

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